Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Whoops! I have to admit that I’ve been really horrible with posting full restaurant reviews and I blame the ease of Instagram posting and fully take responsible for my laziness…but I’m back! And hopefully I will figure out a posting routine for my busy schedule.


If you didn’t know, I’ll be going to Bali for 9 days for a dear friend’s bachelorette, and from there I will be heading to Taiwan and Japan (sidenote: please give me your activities and food recommendations if you’ve been to any of those places!). Bali = being in a bikini all day, errday and my body is not bikini ready...which is why I’m really trying to focus on eating healthy food and working out. My biggest struggle is (clearly) the eating heathy part, which is why I’m thankful for places like The Chopped Leaf that serve up health conscious food that still tastes good.
488 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC

Coupon for 50% off wraps at end of this post.

All wrapped up– three different wraps to satisfy three different cravings! The Sunshine (chopped mix, cucumbers, mozzarella, avocado & apples with goddess), Popeye (spinach, oranges, apples, sun-dried cranberries, roasted pecans & feta with fruit vinaigrette) and Bangkok (romaine, peppers, snow peas, red onions, noodles, peanuts, cilantro with evil peanut).
The Bangkok wrap– romaine, peppers, snow peas, red onions, noodles, peanuts, cilantro with evil peanut *prawns recommended if you’d like to add protein.
Spicy creamy tomato soup. It mildly spicy, so if you’re sensitive to spice, you can probably handle this!

The Popeye wrap and the Southwest salad with chicken.
Chopped Leaf water! Sweetened with fruits.
The Southwest salad- romaine, grape tomatoes, black bean corn salsa, peppers, cheddar & pita chips with chipotle lime citrus, added grilled chicken.


Overall I had a great experience at The Chopped Leaf. The food was fresh, it satisfied my cravings and I felt good about what I was eating. I’m always conscious about calories and with the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies throughout the menu, I felt a little more at ease about the caloric intake. This will be my new go-to spot for healthy food!

If you’re interested in trying their wraps, they currently have a 50% off coupon available to use until April 21/17. Note that it is only valid at the Robson Street location.

This post was in partnership with The Chopped Leaf, Robson Street. This meal was complimentary, but the review, photos and opinions are all my own.

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