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I had been wanting to visit Sushi Loku for a long time but somehow kept forgetting about it. After seeing a great post on my Mimi’s (Indulge with Mimi) feed, I told my boyfriend we had to go the next chance we got!

As a lover of all things aburi, I decided to try as many of the aburi items as possible!

Nigiri Sushi

Aburi Salmon Oshisushi– salmon, jalapeno, avocado sauce. This was nothing close to Minami/Miku’s oshisushi but was still tasty.

Killer Tuna Tacos- crunch taco shell, tuna, avocado salsa. I loved the crunchy taco shell, and the tuna and avocado salsa was fresh! I would order this again.

Aburi beef (AA) nigiri. The beef wasn’t as tender as I had hoped it would be- perhaps it would have been a little more tender if it wasn’t cooked quite as much. It had good flavour and seasoning but the chewiness was disappointing.

Loku’s Aburi Nigiri Collection– Tuna, salmon, hamachi, wild salmon, toro, beef, chopped scallop, tako. I liked the salmon, toro and chopped scallop the best! If you like aburi nigiri, you should get this!


Food: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Would I Return? Yes.

Overall, I enjoyed the food and aburi but was hoping the salmon oshisushi would be similar to Minami’s. I would return knowing that I would get decent quality sushi, but probably wouldn’t bother ordering the oshisushi. I would recommend the regular aburi nigiri!


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