Pajo’s Fish & Chips has always been one of our favourite places to go for fish and chips. When I was a kid my parents would bring us to the Steveston Wharf on sunny Saturday’s and getting Pajo’s was always a special experience for us. The idea of ordering our food from the floating dock was always our favourite part. Now as an adult, I still have fun ordering food from the floating dock but I’m also appreciative of the quality of the ingredients and execution of the food. The fish batter is crispy and light, yet not too oily, and the onion rings are one of our favourite menu items.

Here are some facts that you may not know about Pajo’s: (The last one was new to me!)
• Pajo’s fish is Oceanwise certified
• They have much more than just fish and chips on their menu! They also offer burgers, tacos, caesar salad, zucchini sticks + more
• There are 3 outdoors locations: Steveston Wharf, Garry Point, and Rocky Point (perfect for social distancing).
• Bottomless fries..!!

The perfect coating. It’s light and crispy, yet not too oily. We’ve been told the batter is more tempura-like which explains the lightness of the texture.

Zucchini sticks. These are a great menu item for vegetarians or for anyone who feels like having some veggies! Personally we love zucchini sticks and order them whenever they’re available!

Salmon tacos. All of Pajo’s fish is Oceanwise certified. These soft shell tacos are great for when you’re in the mood for fish and chips but don’t want to have all fried food.

Thank you Pajo’s for the memories!

This post was sponsored by Pajo’s but all of our reviews and opinions are our own.

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