Fayuca- Gather Collaborative Dinner Series

On November 21, 2017, I had the privilege to attend the Gather Mexico dinner hosted at Fayuca in Yaletown. The Gather Dinner Series celebrated the culinary friendship between Mexico and Canada, and the Mexico Tourism Board launched their campaign promotional video, “Dear Canada”, celebrating the mutual love between Canada and Mexico. www.visitmexico.com

1009 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC

Per the media release:
“Canada is Mexico’s second largest tourism market,” says Rodrigo Díaz de Rivera, Western Canada director of the Mexico Tourism Board. “Through this culinary event, bringing together chefs from both countries, we want Canadians to understand more about Mexico using the language that we both share: great food.”

About Gather
Created by Arrival Agency, Gather is a series of communal dinners that bring together some of Canada’s top restaurant talent cooking alongside visiting culinary stars. Originally created as an element of YVR Food Fest in Vancouver, these unforgettable meals allow for culinary and cultural exchange of ingredients and techniques in a relaxed atmosphere. Attendees can come with a group or come alone and leave with new friends. The goal of the Gather dinner series is to include different communities, generate dialogue and push boundaries around food culture.
via Fever Pitch Marketing Communications

I had a lovely dinner at Fayuca. I loved the ambiance of the restaurant and the service was excellent. The dishes were unique to traditional Mexican dishes and ingredients.

Xoconusco infused tea. It tasted like you were drinking chocolate!

The Haida Gwaii Scallops were so fresh and tasty!

Tarahumara Blue Corn Vegetable Memela

Oyster, Sea Urchin, Velve a la Vida

Wild Albacore Tuna, Potatoes, Horseradish, Salmon Roe. My favourite of the night!

Cache Creek Beef Tongue, Hugo’s Mole, Brussel Sprouts

 For dessert, Chocolate Tohono Corn Tamal in Maple Leaf, Popcorn Sauce.

This dinner was a great experience because I love being introduced to dishes that I’ve never had (or even heard of!) before. Thank you Tourism Mexico for inviting me to enjoy this wonderful meal with you!


This meal was complimentary, but the review, photos and opinions are all my own.

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