Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Boozy Brunch is available every Saturday, Sunday and holiday Monday’s in the RawBar in the Lobby Lounge. Served from 11:00am to 2:00pm, reservations are recommended– call 604-695-5300 or email [email protected].

Priced at $42 with an optional $28 cocktail pairing, this five-course brunch is served proudly in Vancouver’s only 100% Ocean Wise Japanese restaurant. This brunch is a combination of everyone’s breakfast and sushi favourites.

1038 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC

The menu consists of five courses with options for two of the courses. Chef Takayuki Omi and award-winning bartender Grant Sceney created a wonderfully palate-pleasing menu in which the flavours of each dish are enhanced by the cocktail pairings. The meal is not simply a meal, it is an experience.

First course:

Red Tuna Tataki yuzu kosho vinaigrette, soy gelee, daikon, micro greens.
Cocktail pairing Light Zaiten gin, organic green tea, dry vermouth, rosemary, cucumber, lime.


Torched Wagyu Beef Salad red onion, sake-beet puree, scallion-ginger emulsion, nori chips, miso creme fraîche.
Cocktail pairing Bloody Mary vodka, lemon, tomato juice, sriracha, horseradish, salt and pepper.

Tuna Tataki- as a huge fan of tuna tataki, this was by far one of the best I’ve ever had. The vinaigrette was light but perfectly seasoned the tuna.

Torched Wagyu Beef Salad- the quality of the beef showed through the tenderness and texture of the beef, and taste of this dish.

Second Course:

Signature Bacon and Sable Miso bacon dashi, house-cured sablefish, ginger, scallion.
Cocktail pairing: Beer Makes Miso Happy Grand Marnier, wheat beer, ginger lemon.

Signature Bacon and Sable Miso- this miso soup was unlike any miso I’ve ever had. The miso ingredients are locally sourced and the flavour is amazing, The smokiness of the bacon and sablefish were a perfect flavour combo and the cocktail was my favourite of all the pairings. We were recommended to alternate taking sips of the cocktail and spoonfuls of the soup. I finally understand how well thought-out food and cocktail pairings can really enhance flavours and play off of each other!

Third Course:

Wild Salmon Motoyaki “Benny” poached egg, sweet milk break, ikura, miso hollandaise, avocado.
Cocktail pairing Pepe Le Pew lillet rose, sherry, sparkling brut.


Kurobuta Pork Kakuni braised pork belly, 62 degree egg, sweet soy broth, daikon, carrot, potato, tamanishiki rice.
Cocktail pairing Pork N Cider Lonetree cider, sweet vermouth, sherry.

Wild Salmon Motoyaki “Benny”- this twist on eggs benedict was impressively made with three differently prepared wild salmon: smoked, torched and -something I forgot..sorry!-.

Kurobuta Pork Kakuni- the sous vide egg is to die for, (as anything sous-vide is!) and the pork is super tender.

Fourth Course:

Sushi Omakase maki, nigiri, hako, temari.
Cocktail pairing: Sparkling Junmai Sake

Undeniably the course that everyone is waiting in anticipation for, the fish used for the omakase can change daily, depending on what Chef Taka chooses to serve (based on the freshest fish available). If you’re a sushi lover, this will kind of ruin you forever because your sushi standards will raise significantly.. I actually yelled out “I’m ruined!” after finishing the omakase (ha!).

Vibrant colours of the fresh fish. I find this so beautiful!

Fifth Course:

Yakult Shooter plum gelee, pear, matcha green tea, black sesame powder, yuzu pearl.
Cocktail pairing Wakayama Beach gin, yuzu, basil, coconut water, ginger.

This dessert looks like an oyster- but it’s not! Unfortunately I had to leave brunch early to head over to work so I didn’t get to try this. I do plan on returning and will add my two cents then ?

Overall I had a wonderful experience- the freshness of the ingredients, the undeniable thought and care put into each dish and the impeccable service. I will definitely be back one day. I highly recommend coming here for a special occasion or simply just to treat yourself!

Thank you Fairmont Pacific Rim for the wonderful meal.

This meal was complimentary, but the review, photos and opinions are all my own.

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