Who is Bites of Vancouver?


My name is Bethany, and I am your typical Vancouverite who loves good food! I am not a professional food critic, and by no means claim to be one. I don’t think I’m a food snob, because I will try anything and anywhere! I have always loved trying new restaurants and taking pictures of food, so after years of bombarding my personal ¬†Instagram feed with food pictures, I created an Instagram account dedicated solely to my food pictures (@bitesofvancouver).

Most of my posts will be of restaurants, but I do cook and bake on (rare) occasions and may post some at-home creations.

I truly appreciate when food is presented nicely- I consider thoughtful food-plating a work of art.

I am really not a picky eater- I will try just about anything. I like olives, stinky cheese, anchovies, and brussel sprouts. People I dine with often pick things out of their dishes and put them on my plate. I definitely get my love for, and taste in food from my dad!

On my blog/Instagram, I only post about food that I like. This approach may surprise some people, but I believe in spreading the positive, and don’t yet feel that it’s my place, or my personality to complain or post negative reviews. I do believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and can voice them, but this is how I am choosing to use my voice. This means that if I’ve posted it, I would recommend it! If I haven’t posted about a restaurant, either I haven’t been there, or didn’t think it was that great.

Happy eating!


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