1298 East Hastings Street, Vancouver BC

Food Rating: 8/10

Having been to the food cart, I knew that I would love Yolk’s Restaurant. I’d had their breakfast sandwich and loved it! Here, with only a 15 minute wait (I had expected longer) I was seated and served quickly and efficiently despite being a full house. My boyfriend had the Chicken & Waffles, and I chose the Two Poached Eggs with Double Smoked Bacon, Aged White Cheddar, Benedict Style open-faced on an English Muffin with Truffle Lemon Hashbrowns. The chicken was crispy and the waffle was moist and flavourful. The egg sandwich was tasty and the truffle lemon hashbrowns were some of the best hashbrowns I’ve ever had! I personally love truffle, so truffle on anything makes me instantly like it!


Chicken & Waffles


Poached egg with arugula, aged white cheddar, double smoked bacon on an english muffin


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