The Fish Counter

3825 Main St, Vancouver, BC

Food rating: 7/10

Having seen line-ups down the sidewalk at lunch time, and knowing of my boyfriend’s love for fish and chips, I brought him here for his birthday. It wasn’t the best fish and chips I’ve ever had, it was a tad on the oily side. I’m also not a huge fan of battered, deep fried things (I know, call me crazy) so I probably didn’t enjoy my meal as much as someone who is a fan of battered, deep fried things. I had the Oyster Po’Boy which was tasty but again, I found the batter to actual oyster ration a little too high on the batter side. Overall, yummy but very, very  filling!


The Menu
The literal counter
Oyster Po’Boy and chips
Halibut & Chips
Ready to dig in!

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