3995 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

Food Rating: 9/10

My long awaited visit to The Acorn was well worth the wait! My first attempt was actually a couple of years ago. My friend and I were walking down Main Street after a long, sweaty gym work-out and were on the hunt for some good, healthy grub. I had never heard of The Acorn before, but was intrigued by the lack of signage and cool looking interior. The hours showed that it was not yet open (it was lunchtime) so we decided we would go back for dinner (attempt #1). Attempt #2, dinner time, I rushed over to The Acorn as soon as I could after work and put my name down for a table. The wait would be over an hour, and my friends and I were too hungry to wait! Attempt #3, drove to The Acorn with full intent to wait for a table but we saw that the line outside went down the street. Attempt #4: see Attempt #3. Attempt #5, I finally smartened up and decided to go right when they opened. My sister and I got there 15 minutes past opening time and the restaurant was already half full! I was seated in a dark corner, and was really looking forward to taking some beautiful food pictures, so I asked if I could move and be seated closer to the window. The server (who I later found out through Instagram was the owner) completely understood and let me choose a different seat. She smiled and told me to make sure I tagged The Acorn!

Onto the food. My sister and I ordered Rosewater Iced Teas, which were refreshing and had that nice hint of rose flavour. For appetizers we ordered the Fried Cauliflower (my favourite) and the Kale Salad. The spices they use in all of their dishes really take the flavours to a whole different level. For entrees my sister had The Harvest, which that day was a Truffle Mac & Cheese, and I had the Zucchini Linguini. Even though we were full, we really wanted to order dessert. We ordered the Plum dessert, which was roasted plums with Thai Basil Panna Cotta and Coconut. Dessert was deeelicious!

The space.
Rosewater Iced Teas
Kale Salad


The Harvest: Truffle Mac & Cheese
Zucchini Linguini



Roasted Plums with Thai Basil Panna Cotta

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