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Tangram Creamery, the most recent ice creamery to open had me skeptical at first. I’m a diehard Earnest fan, and have only recently allowed myself to admit my love for Rain or Shine as well. With all the buzz around Tangram on Instagram and among fellow foodies, I decided I had to try the place out for myself. Besides, I think ice cream deserves its own spot on the food pyramid, so it wasn’t too much of a hardship 😛

My initial thought was that the store itself did not seem to have much ice cream. The gelato-like tubs were not like Earnest/Rain or Shine’s elbow-deep tubs. I then looked behind the counter and could see someone in the process of making ice cream! Pretty cool.

I tried almost all of the flavours that were available that day and found the flavours surprisingly good. I was pretty disappointed there wasn’t any matcha or hojicha that day, but hey, you can’t win them all. I settled for the two feature flavours of the week: roasted coconut and black sesame. Both were really good, and I liked the texture! Loved the cookie cone. I will be back to try more flavours!



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