3400 Moncton Street, Richmond, BC

This is beginning to sound like many of my other posts, but Steveston Pizza Co was on my list of restaurants to try for years! Steveston is a bit of a trek for me (considering I’m surrounded by so many great food places within minutes of East Van) which is why it took me so long to pay a visit. I knew from the pictures I’d seen that this place is serious about pizzas toppings and offers inventive topping combinations. The space itself is quite small because it’s meant for pick-up orders. The gentleman who served me (whom I suspect is the owner) was very pleasant and even gave me a free dessert!

I would recommend ordering the pizza ahead of time and eat the pizza either at at Garry Point, on the wharf boardwalk, or at the little park with picnic tables just at the end of the street Steveston Pizza is on.

What I Ordered:

  • The Black: Honey glazed chicken breast, fig, gorgonzola and marscarpone mousse and arugula julienne (12-inch $23). No complaints, I loved all of the toppings!
  • The Water: Shrimp, real crab and basil pesto (12-inch $23). Although generously sized, the shrimp was a little chewy which made me feel like it wasn’t fresh. Everything tasted good and I would order it again.

Food Rating: 9/10

  • Unique flavour combinations that work well together
  • Good crust- crunchy, cheesy

Value Rating: 8.5/10

      • Pricey for a pizza, but the amount of toppings and higher quality ingredients justifies the higher price

Wait Time:

      • I went on a Sunday, called right when they opened (at noon), and was told the pizza would be ready in 20 minutes.

Would I Return?

  • Yes! I went twice already. The first visit I tried The Black pizza and the second time I tried The Water pizza. The Black was my favourite of the two…but there are many more I would still like to try like the Green Earth, Breeze, West Coast, Oui, and of course the one-day pre order pizzas The Queen ($120) and The See Nay ($850).


I know this is a strangley framed picture but there was a customer standing in front and I didn’t want to include them in the photo!
The Black Pizza: Honey glazed chicken breast, fig, gorgonzola and marscarpone mousse and arugula julienne.


The Water Pizza: Shrimp, real crab and basil pesto



The free dessert he gave me. Not on the menu, I think this was a Valentine’s special. He didn’t tell me what it was but I think it was tiramisu. Nevertheless it was really good!

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