Rajio Japanese Public House

3763 W.10th Ave, Vancouver, BC

Food rating: 8/10

Sister restaurant to Suika and Kingyo, two restaurants I love going to, I knew that I would like the food at Rajio. Although the menu is not the same, the food is very similar. Not your typical Japanese restaurant in Vancouver, it does not focus on rolls or specialty rolls- you won’t be ordering a California Roll here!


Love their cute wall hangings!


Complimentary salad- it’s just cabbage, but I liked the dressing. It tasted straight up like sesame oil, which is something I really like.


Fresh Miyagi oyster


3 kinds of Chef’s Choice Sashimi with sesame soy dressing, yuzu zest, tobiko, garlic chips and wasabi mayo.


Uni (sea urchin) nigiri




“Diablo Chicken” (sauce on the side because I can’t handle heat too well). The description says, “You can open hellz door!” but I didn’t find it very spicy. Well, not open-hellz-door-spicy.


“Kushikatsu” ranging $1.20-$1.90 each, you can pick from a big list of things you wish to eat skewered and deep fried.


Kimchi Sobameshi Stone bowl- Yakisoba noodl, ground pork, cheese, kimchi and vegetables on rice in a sizzling stone bowl. I probably wouldn’t order this again, not that it was bad, but I just found it was nothing special.


Negitoro Battera- pressed sushi with tuna belly, scallions, daikon pickles and sesame. I always want to order pressed sushi, hoping it will be somewhat like Minami/Miku’s Oshi Sushi. Nothing ever comes close, but I like nigiri and this is just like nigiri on rectangular shaped rice.


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