A few of my favourite moments I’ve captured.


The beginning of the beautiful drive down the Pacific Coast Highway 1, heading from San Francisco to Los Angeles.


img_1869This image won Vancouver Magazine’s social media photo pick at the Taste of Thailand event held at SalaThai Restaurant, 2016.


imageThis photo was taken in Osoyoos, BC during a wine tour.


imageThis is one of my favourite food photos I have taken. Flame-seared char-siu that goes in Benkei’s ramen.



Spicy Tuna Don also from Benkei.
imageView from Burnaby Mountain just as the sun set.



My two-year-old Maltese/Shih-Tzu, Brooklyn, just as he’s getting out of the bath tub.


My neighbour’s magnolia tree. Everyone goes crazy over cherry blossoms but I think magnolia trees do not get enough attention.