Afternoon Tea at Fairmont Hotel YVR Airport (Globe@YVR)

3111 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, BC

Food Rating: 8/10

Although my personal opinion about high tea is that it’s a bit overpriced and not really my preferred “style” of dining (I don’t dress up too often, and prefer dining at casual restaurants), I do enjoy going for special occasions. I’ve been to high tea at this location twice, and both times I used a Social Shopper (or was it Living Social?) coupon. Everything was good, and I would have to say that my tier remains the same at every high tea I’ve gone to: the scone tier with Devonshire/clotted cream!


Tea for two


The dessert tier


Their scones with Devonshire cream is so good!


Sandwich tier- I liked the croissant the most


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