Firebird Cafe with Chinese Bites

3779 Sexsmith Rd #1118, Richmond, BC

I visited Firebird Cafe in Richmond as part of a tasting with Chinese Bites. This Hong Kong style cafe offers the typical menu items like Western Style dishes (such as spaghetti or baked rice dishes) as well as Taiwanese appetizers, bubble tea, thick toast, customizable soup + noodle bowls and sizzling plates.

Customizable soup options- we chose Laksa! It was spicy and a little sour- not like authentic Malaysian Laksa, but still tasty.

Clubhouse Sandwich!

Spaghetti- not cheesey, and served with a fried egg. Hong Kong style spaghetti (unlike Italian in many ways) is slightly sweet, none/barely any cheese, and the sauce is thin.

Grilled prawns on the skillet

Fried squid! Seasoned with the same seasoning typically used on Taiwanese chicken nuggets. Yum!

Skillet with steak and prawns, with mushroom sauce. The steak was tender and I liked the sauce!

Overall food rating: 6.5/10
Service: 8/10 (as this was complimentary dinner, this may not reflect true service)
Decor/Cleanliness: 9/10
Would I return? Yes

I found Firebird Cafe to be a fairly typical Hong Kong style cafe, except that they offer more menu items than most. I liked being able to order Taiwanese appetizers (seaweed not pictured) and the customizable sizzle plates and soup bowls. The food is good, but not amazing- which is what I would say about many Hong Kong style cafes.

Thank you Firebird Cafe and Ray Chow (Chinese Bites) for having me!

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