3240 Main St, Vancouver, BC

Food rating: 8.5/10

I don’t know the story behind the name, but my own story is that whenever my boyfriend suggests going to Don’t Argue! for pizza, we “Don’t Argue!” about going because we both love eating there. (Sorry, I know it’s lame.)

Onto the food:

I like how they sell whole pies, and slices as well. Many of my favourite pizza restaurants don’t sell by the slice, which often deters me from going because I either 1) don’t want that much pizza, or 2) don’t feel like spending $20 on my dinner. So, when I found out Don’t Argue! sold pizza by the slice, I pretty much went as soon as I could so I could try it out!

I was very pleasantly surprised with my first bite- Crust is a huge pizza factor for me, it makes or breaks the pizza and this crust definitely made it for me! I like thin, crunchy, crust that is also soft at the same time. I like the crunch when you first bite into it, but not so crunchy that it’s dry. It still bends when you pick it up which is indicative to me that I’m going to like it. The tomato sauce and cheese was really good too! I will definitely be going back when I next have a pizza craving!

The view
Cheese Oregano, and Kale Sausage.
The crust
“Castelvetrano” White beschamel, fior di latte, pancetta, castelvetrano olives, red onion and rocket.
Spicy Margherita and Pesto Ricotta
Spicy Margherita and Pesto Ricotta

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