Boiling Point (Surrey)

15138 100 Ave, Surrey, BC | |

Chinese Bites held another tasting event, this time at Boiling Point in Surrey. We were generously given whatever drinks were wanted, numerous appetizers and different soups to try and we ended with their unique dessert. All of the soups are customizable in spice level (none, mild, medium, very, flaming).

Garlic Pork Belly- very garlicky and tender. The Kimchi tofu in the background was very smooth!

Pomello soup.
No one else seemed to like this except me! It is very sour, and I love sour things.

The Hokkaido milk tea (left) is so good! Highly recommended!

Korean Bean Paste Hot Pot

Beef Hot Pot. Lots of meat!

Thai Hot Pot- sour and a little spicy.

Lamb Hot Pot. We asked for it to be mild.

Spicy Taiwanese– very spicy!!

Snow cubes for dessert! Flavours are strawberry, taro, pudding and matcha. A light, refreshing dessert!


We tried even more flavours of the hot pots- Curry Fishball and the Japanese Miso. If you like flavoured hot pot and like having individual pots, Boiling Point is a great place for you. Each pot is a decent sized portion for an individual. I would probably be very full from eating one to myself.

Food: 7.5/10
Service: 9/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Would I Return? Yes

Overall Boiling Point has some great soup bases and is a great option for those who dine with others who like different soup bases or different spice levels. The Hokkaido milk tea was one of my favourite things at the restaurant, and although the group didn’t like the pomello soup base, I would order it! It was sour and unique!

Thank you Ray of Chinese Bites and Boiling Point Surrey!

This meal was complimentary, but the review, photos and opinions are all my own.